Forensic Science Expertise to Take a Closer Look at the Evidence

Forensic Context is a specialised consultancy providing independent forensic science expert advice and services in biological forensic evidence including DNA and body fluids. We can review the forensic evidence, draw the findings together and provide a full interpretation as to what the results mean in the context of your client’s account.


Expert advice and services you can trust.



We specialise in sexual offence cases but have extensive experience in a wide range of case types.



In the evaluation of DNA, body fluid, fibre and hair evidence within the context of the case.


Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive experience in all case types
  • Acknowledged forensic science experts in our specialist scientific fields
  • Committed to providing an objective, high quality and timely service
  • All reports undergo an in depth peer review to ensure the best quality
  • Free initial review and advice, directly from the expert
  • No intermediary agency or broker, speak to an expert
  • Same day legal aid quotation, itemised to assist with your LAA application

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