Expert Witness Services

Independent Forensic Science Expert Services for Solicitors & Barristers

Using our extensive experience we provide impartial expert witness services to criminal defence solicitors and advocates and to prosecution teams.

Our scientists have prepared many thousands of statements and reports and have given oral evidence in Crown Courts on numerous occasions, most frequently at the Central Criminal Court. Our court experience also extends to Magistrates, Coroners and Appeal Courts.

We have expertise in a wide range of case types and specialise in sexual offence cases built on extensive experience and a strong reputation as leading scientists.

How We Can Help

We can assist you in advising your client about the value of the forensic evidence:

  • Can the scientific evidence be explained by your client’s account?
  • Is there another innocent explanation?
  • Is it reliable and fair?
  • Are there any weaknesses or avenues for cross-examination in court?
  • What does it mean? We can explain it simply without the jargon.
  • Should new scientific avenues be investigated?
  • Do you have an SFR1 report and need to consider the potential limitations of the evidence before advising your client whether to contest it?
Our Expert Witness Services

Our comprehensive expert witness services include:

Review* of a full range of cases including the following evidence types:

  • Body fluids – semen, saliva, blood, urine, faeces and cellular material
  • DNA profiling, including complex mixed results, Y-STR and associated statistics
  • Blood Pattern Analysis
  • Fibres and hairs
  • Textile damage assessment and interpretation

Pre-trial advice

Preparation of clear and succinct reports and statements

Advising counsel and legal teams during court proceedings

Professional and reliable presentation of evidence at court

*A Review may include:

  • Critique of the original examination results and interpretation
  • Re-examination of the exhibits
  • Provision of new avenues for further scientific investigation
  • Explanation of what the evidence means
  • Full evaluation of the evidence in the context of the case circumstances and your client’s account
  • An assessment of the weight of the evidence where appropriate
  • Assessment of time since intercourse where this is an issue in a sexual offence
  • Consideration of continuity and contamination issues

Contact us for advice, to discuss your requirement with one of our experts or find out how to instruct us.